Eye Glasses/Lenses

Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

The optical consultants at Eye Site of Tampa Bay will help you select the best lenses for your individual vision needs. Need something thin and lightweight? Most people can be fit with extremely thin, shatter-resistant plastics to keep thickness and distortion down.

Looking for “high-definition” vision? Digitally enhanced lenses are designed to minimize glare, distortion and halos. All of these eyeglass lens options are available in many levels of prescription strength.

Sun wear from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Selecting sunglasses that look good is important, but making sure your sunglasses provide adequate protection should be a priority. All sunglasses at Eye Site of Tampa Bay help protect against harmful UVA/UVB radiation which can cause cataracts, retinal damage and macular degeneration. Our doctors and opticians strongly recommend polarized lenses with anti-reflective coatings to reduce both horizontal and vertical glare. This combination can give you unsurpassed visual clarity and comfort outdoors.

Computer Progressive lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Occupational progressive lenses have a larger intermediate zone than regular progressive lenses for more comfortable vision at the computer. But this leaves less lens area for distance vision, so these lenses are not recommended for driving or other significant distance vision tasks. These are very much suited for the patient who works on a computer screen all day and uses their intermediate area for most of the day. As shown below the typical Progressive lens does not have adequate computer area and is very small for long period use and you will find yourself tipping up head up all day to use. Computer progressive allows you to center your head and be comfortable at a computer screen.

We carry the latest technology in digital lenses, including many great options from Essilor Technology.   Please go to https://essilorusa.com/ for any information on the products.