Contact Lenses

One Day Contact Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

One day lenses are designed to be conveniently disposed of at the end of each day- eliminating the need for cleaning and storage of the lenses. Fresh, new contact lenses every day means healthier eyes. One-day lenses are ideal for occasional wearers, kids, patients who suffer from allergies and dry eye, or those looking for a convenient and healthy way to wear contacts.  Daily disposable contacts are the safest type of disposable soft contact lenses.

Soft Disposable Contact Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Our one day, two week or one month disposable lenses are designed for health, comfort and convenience. They’re perfect for the occasional or full-time wearer and are also available in specialty designs including toric (lenses designed to correct astigmatism) and multifocal (lenses designed to correct distance and near vision).

Astigmatism Contact Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Uncorrected astigmatism can cause eyestrain and fatigue—not to mention poor vision. Our stable and thin toric contact lenses are designed to give comfort and consistent clarity of vision to our patients with astigmatism.

Multifocal Contact Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Eliminate the need for reading glasses with multifocal contact lenses! These specialty lenses are designed to correct both distance and near vision within the same lens. Multifocal contact lenses make it possible for patients who need a bifocal, or have separate distance and near prescriptions, to see everything from up-close reading, to intermediate computer work, and street signs while driving.

Color Contact Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Colored lenses are available in a wide variety of natural and vivid colors. They are a great way to change your look and are available in many prescriptions as well as without prescription, for those patients who don’t need correction to see clearly.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses from Eye Site of Tampa Bay

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses offer optimum lens life and excellent visual clarity. RGP contact lenses are made of firm plastic that still allows oxygen to reach the eye. These lenses are available in specialty designs for astigmatism and multifocal visual needs. RGP’s are also used to manage some eye conditions.

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Doctor of Optometry / Comprehensive Eye Exams / Contacts / Glasses

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